What We Do

KiwiFlora is a plant variety management company that offers the best track record in protecting, managing and generating global royalty income from plant inventions.  In representing plant breeders and managing the process from selection to market we exploit global marketing opportunities for their unique genetics, 

We offer plant growers and retailers unique plant varieties with competitive advantage and the genuine potential to replace the usual commoditized nursery products, thereby increasing sales and margins.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to maximize the long-term income potential and market recognition for our plant breeder clients who have entrusted their unique plant varieties to our management and, in doing so, to share in their success.

Our Values

We will be transparent, loyal and honest in all of our business relationships. We will continually strive to improve our knowledge of global markets and contacts. We will be innovative, active and persistent in exploiting marketing opportunities for the plant breeders we represent. 

Contact KiwiFlora to see how we can help your plant succeed in a competitive market.